Markus studied filmmaking at Vienna’s SAE Institute for Creative Media Education. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Filmmaking from SAE’s campus in Berlin via the Middlesex University of London. Directly out of school, Markus began working as an Assistant Camera Operator in documentary films. However, this did not entirely satisfy his creative appetite. The photographic aesthetic of motion pictures is “one of the most beautiful and interesting tools in evoking emotion from an audience.” So with the encouragement of his former professors, Markus moved to New York to study Cinematography.

By virtue of his previous years of study, Markus arrived at the New York Film Academy with exemplary skills in visual story-telling and lighting. His talent, focus and dedication stood out to his professors: “Markus has the rare combination of intelligence, extraordinary talent, and vast energy, all of which are necessary to succeed in film production.” – John Russell Foster

Through his various projects, which include: feature films, shorts, commercials, and music videos, Markus continues to develop his own style through unique lighting, framing and camera movement. “I look to the great European painters of the Art Noveau, Romantic and Impressionist movements,” he says of his influences. “For example, the Romantic era embraced an escape from modern realities. Motion pictures should be everything reality can’t be! Anything is possible in cinema.“